Mahmoud Hassan

I am working in the fields of data science, bio-signal processing and biomedical engineering. Our team focuses on the development of electroencephalography (EEG) signal processing methods for brain network imaging.

My ‘dream’ is to see our EEG signal processing methods as diagnostic tools in many brain disorders, such as the early detection of cognitive decline in degenerative diseases.


Laboratory of signal and Image Processing (LTSI), campus de Beaulieu – Bât. 22 , 35042 Rennes Cedex, France.



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Ahmad Mheich Postdoctoral Researcher

Research: Functional networks, brain network similarity

MSc (2013) : Graph-based analysis of brain connectivity during picture naming task

PhD (2013-2016) : Brain Network Similarity

Sahar Yassine Software Engineer

Research: Brain signal processing, software development 

MSc (2017): Graph theoretical analysis of brain network communication

Aya Kabbara Postdoctoral researcher

Research: M/EEG source-space connectivity, brain disorders, brain network dynamics

MSc (2015):

PhD (2015-2018): Estimation of brain networks from dense-EEG: application to neurological diseases

Jennifer Rizkallah

PhD student

Research: Dynamic brain networks, disorders of consciousness

MSc (2016) : Dynamic reshaping of functional brain networks during visual objects recognition

PhD (2016-2019): Characterization of neocortical networks from high-resolution EEG: application to disorders of consciousness

Judie Tabbal PhD student

Research: M/EEG brain networks, degenerative diseases

MSc (2018):

PhD (2018-2021): Detecting dysfunctional connectivity of brain networks in the context of neurological disorders


An Open Source Tool for Analyzing and Visualizing M/EEG Connectome

  • Compute functional connectivity
  • Scalp and source -space networks
  • Network measures
  • 2D / 3D visualization

Coming soon…

  • Group analysis
  • Brain network dynamics
  • Statistical tests
  • Ready-to-publish figures